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2018/05/24 Thursday 12:57:25 JST
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第7回  東アジアSTS(科学技術社会論)会議の開催

The 7th East Asian STS (Science, Technology and Society) Conference  (EASTS-2007-Kobe)


General Theme:
Catch-up and Beyond: Historical Reflection and Transition of East Asian Techno-Science
for the 21st century



This is a semi-closed conference so that those who wish to participate should contact organizers (Tsukahara, Kobayashi or Hirakawa) and confirm your participation.

Prospectus of this conference and abstracts of presentations are available on following website:

会場・日程・使用言語 (Date, venue and language policy)

日程:  2007年1月12日(金) - 14日(日)

会場: 神戸大学・百周年記念館: 1月12日(金)・13日(土)
            大阪大学・中ノ島センター: 1月14日(日)

使用言語: 英語

Date:  January 12 (Fri) - 14 (Sun), 2007

Venue:  Centennial Memorial Hall, Kobe University: for 12(Fri) and 13 (Sat)
              Nakanishima Center of Osaka University: for 14 (Sun)

Language Policy:  Our official language for presentation, discussion and communication is English.  But, exactly speaking, it is "New East Asian Creol English Language (Neacrel)".

Access Maps

参加費用 (Fees)

今回は、準備費用・会場費やレセプション費用を捻出するために、日本人参加者からは、参加費1万円、レセプション代5000円(留学生・院生や非常勤は、ペイスケールに応じたリダクションを行う)を徴収。  昼食の弁当代(お茶付きで800円)。

The foreign invited participants are exempted from conference fee, and they are welcome to the reception of 13th evening free.   Lunch box (about \800 (about US $5-6) with drink) for each day will be paid by themselves on the spot.

For the Japanese participants, we charge \10000 conference fee, and \5000 reception fee for full-time academics, but somehow drastic student reduction will be given for those who have no fulltime job.  Those live on scholarship can get charged according to their pay-scale.

現地実行委員会 (Local Organizers)

神戸大: 塚原東吾、三浦伸夫、小川正賢、金凡性、瀬戸口明久(大阪市大)、財城真寿美、小笠原博毅

神戸・ロジスティックス・マネジメント・チーム: 松本佳子・中森アキラ圭二郎

大阪大: 小林傳司・平川秀幸

Kobe Team: Togo Tsukahara, Nobuo Miura, Kim Boumsoung, Setoguchi Akihisa, Masumi Zaiki, and Hiroki Ogasawra (Kobe University)

Logistics Managers:  K-jiro "Akira" Nakamori and Keiko Matsumoto

Osaka Team: Tadashi Kobayashi, Hideaki Hirakawa (Osaka University)

組織委員会(調整・要請中) (Japanese Organisation committee)


Hideto Nakajima, Shigeo Kato, Shin Changeon, Kakihara Yasushi, Osamu Kanamori,
Hirakawa, Kobayashi, Fudano, Tsuge, Hirata, Sunami.




2000.7      Beijing     北京
2001.5      Seoul     首爾
2002.1      Kobe     神戸
2003.10    Taipei     台北
2004.12    Seoul        首爾
2005.9          Shinyang     瀋陽
2006(2007.1)   Kobe    神戸

問い合わせ先 (Contact) 

email addresses



EASTS-2007-KobeOsaka temporary program  (Jan.10 version)

(T. Kobayashi and Togo Tsukahara)

N.B. this program may get changed due to inevitable reasons. Organizers' apology in advance for any inconvenience according to such changes in program.

.Sessions  F (Friday, 12th, Kobe), S (Saturday, 13th, Kobe);  O (Osaka, on Sunday 14th)

Jan 12 (Kobe) 

Afternoon Session

13:15-13:30 Opening

(F1) 13:30-15:30   ( 4 presentations) 
Techno-science Problems in East Asia: cases framed from STS angle.
Chaired by Hideyuki Hirakawa

★ Prof. Sungook Hong  (Seoul National University)
"NEIS, or How to Live with a 'Big Brother'"

★ 郭文華 Kuo Wen-Hua (Yangming University) 
Deciphering Race at the Frontier of Pharmaceutical Regulation: An analysis of racial
difference debate in the ICH

★ Prof. Hwan-Suk Kim (Department of Sociology, Kookmin University; President, Korea Association of Science and Technology Studies)
What can STS tell us about the Hwang affair?

★ Prof. Sang-Wook Yi (Department of Philosophy, Hanyang University)
Silver-Nano Washing Machine and Next-generation Promising Industry: 
Picturing Nanotechnology as Culture and Power in Korea 

(F2) 15:45-17:45  (4 presentations)
Session organized by Imperial University Research Team (1):
Medicine and medical practice in East Asian under Imperial gaze
Chaired by Togo Tsukahara

★ Sean Hsiang-lin Lei 雷祥麟 National Tsing-hua University, Taiwan.
Microscope and Sovereignty: Constituting Notifiable Infectious Disease and Containing the Manchurian Plague

★ Shigeo Kato(加藤茂生), School of Human Sciences, Waseda University
Modernizing Kampo Medicine as Anti Modern Medicine: Discourses on "Side Effects" in Imperial Japan

★ 周程、『中国における日本研究機関華北産業科学研究所の創設およびその活動』(details to be announced.)

★ 財城真寿美・塚原東吾、「帝国の天気:大東亜気象ネットワークと台北帝大の気象学研究」、Masumi Zaiki and Togo Tsukahara
"Weather of Empire: Japan's Imperial Meteorological Network and Meteorological/Climatorological research at Taihoku Imperial University"

18:00- :  Reception at Takigawa Memorial Hall, Kobe University

Jan 13 (Kobe)  

Morning Parallel Sessions 

(S1-a)  10:00-12:00  (4 presentations)  
Chaired by Hideto Nakajima

★ 張明国 Zheng Ming Guo, (The STS Institute, Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
"Looking at China Western Development from the Perspectives of STS,

★ Ma Huiduan, Chen Fan (Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, Liaoning, Shenyang)
PSTS----The New Paradigm on the Study of Science and Technology

★ Dong-oh PARK, MA Student, Seoul National University.
Making of the 'National' Computer Code: Debate over Korean Standard Character Code, 1986-1995

★ "Japanese History of Science Films"
田中 舞(Mai Tanaka, MA course, Tokyo Univ.) 

(S1-b)  10:00-12:00  (4 presentations)  
Chaired by Tadashi Kobayashi

★ Min Chol SHIN, MA Student, Seoul National University.
"Portent Astrology in the Popular Encyclopedias for Daily Use of Ming Dynasty"

★Technology, Rationality and Modernity Criticism,
ZHANG Cheng-gan, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

★ 瑞麟 Ruey-Lin Chen, National Chung-Cheng University; Soochow University
Morality versus Science: Contemporary Neo-Confucians against Taiwanese Positivists' Science View from 1950 to 1960

★ Young Mi LEE, MA Student, Seoul National University.
"The Science Promoting Movement of the Whole Nation during the 1970s in Korea"

Afternoon Sessions

(S2) 13:00-14:30   (3 presentations)
Session organized by Imperial University Research Team (2):
Imperialism and techno-science: Japan's Imperial view on East Asia.
Chaired and commented by Prof. S. Sugiyama

★ 李尚仁(Shang-Jen Li),  Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
The Role of Chinese Assistants in Western Medical Practice in 19th Century China

★ 慎蒼健 東京理科大学 Shin Chang-Geon, Tokyo Science University.
Modern Scientific Researches on Traditional Materia Medica in Imperial Universities: Traditional Medicine studies under Japan's Imperial Medicine.

★ 林炳炎 Lin  「帝國的技術---基隆築港之火山灰混凝土試驗」 (Technology of the Empire:Puzzolanic Earth Concrete Test in the Construction of Keelung Harbor) 

(S3)  14:45-16:45 (4 presentations) 
Young STS-ers in East Asia: various aspects of techno-science, and different approaches to analyse.
Chaired by Togo Tsukahara

★ 洪士培Shih-pei Hung, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford
The Fusion of Traditional Body Techniques and Techno-science in Popular Spiritual Group

★ Dr. Sangook Park, (Science and Technology Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex)
Preparing the Energy System Transition; a Socio-Technical System Perspective on Hydrogen Energy Technologies in UK and Korea  

★ So Yeon Leem (Program in History and Philosophy of Science, Seoul National University)
IPL: Remodeling Women's Skin, Remodeling Boundaries

★ Social Process for Siting of Power Generation Plants in Japan: Comparative Case Studies in Local Contexts,
Kohta Juraku*, Tatsujiro Suzuki** & Osamu Sakura*** (Tokyo Univ.)

(S4)  16:45-17:15  
Buisiness Meeting and appeals for the future of EASTS networking.

  1.  Proposal from International journal, by Prof. Fu Daiwie, chief editor of EASTS International Journal.
  2.  Proposal for our future organization of EASTS that matches EASST and 4S by 2010. by Prof. Hideto Nakajima, most probably one of the (heading) 2010-4S-Japan hosting persons and EASTS in Japan.

Around 18:00-   Pub-Session
(Evening drink and meal in Kobe, around pm6:00-, hosted by the Japanese organizers, at Traditional Inn Izakaya at Kobe Down-Town. )

Jan 14 (Osaka)  

Morning Session

(O1)  10:30-12:30
East Asian Innovation and Human Resources (東アジアのイノベーションとヒューマン・リソース)
Organized and chaired by Atushi Sunami

★ International Mobility of HRST and the Japan's Innovation System.
Atsushi Sunami, GRIPS (角南篤、政策研究大学院大学・助教授),
Kan Imai, Tsukuba University (今井寛、筑波大学、JST中国センター),
Naoya Kaneko, JRI,
Wang Ting, JRI,
Mari Jibu, NISTEP

★ "Sci-Technological Human Resource and Innovation in Northeast China"
Chen Fan, Ma Huiduan (Research Center for Science Technology and Society (STS), Northeastern University)

Afternoon Session

(O2)  13:00-15:30   (5 presentations)
Organized by Tadashi Kobayashi and Hideyuki Hirakawa,
Science Communication and East Asian STS (東アジアの科学コミュニケーション)

★ 周桂田Chou, Kuei Tien, National Taiwan University,
Trust, Risk Communication in Double Risk Society

★ Yi-Ping Lin, PhD,Center of Health Risk Assessment and Policy, National Taiwan University
Women and Water: An Analysis of RCA Health Effect Studies from a Feminist Perspective

★ 岡橋毅Takeshi Okahashi (CoSTEP, Hokkaido University)and Shigeo Sugiyama杉山滋郎 (Hokkaido University)
Teaching Science Communication, Doing Science Communication: Challenges of Communicators in Science and Technology Program (CoSTEP) in Hokkaido University  

★ 中村征樹 (文科省科学技術政策研究所)  Masaki Nakamura, NISTEP, and Tom Hope,
"Science and the Public: The Challenges of Science Caf?s"

★ Two Puzzles of late development countries entering globalization of science: the case of China, Guoping Zeng, Xiaoqin Tan, Tsinghua University

15:30-15:45  Closing Remarks

Post conference meeting for future:  16:00-17:30 
Chaired by Hideto Nakajima. 
Business meeting for discussing proposals by Prof. Fu Daiwie, on our Internations Journal,  and Prof. Hideto Nakajima, on 4S 2010 problem and EASTS organization.

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