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Joint Statement to Protect the Independence of the Science Council of Japan

December 2nd, 2020
Board of Directors
Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies

Japanese Academic Societies Unite to Release a Joint Statement to Protect the Independence of the Science Council of Japan

Japanese scholars have met the Prime Minister Suga’s decision to reject the candidacy of six humanities and social sciences scholars for the Science Council of Japan with grave concern. 226 academic societies in the humanities and social sciences in Japan issued a Joint Statement on November 6th. Since then, the number of co-signers has reached 310. On December 2nd, they issued the same statement in English, gave a press interview and appealed to scholars and citizens worldwide for support and cooperation.

The Science Council of Japan, which is a national academy and not a federation of academic societies, does not directly represent the interests of the societies. Nevertheless, the societies are deeply concerned with the issue as the Prime Minister’s rejection of appointment not only violates the independence of the Science Council of Japan but also further threatens academic freedom, autonomy and democracy in Japan.

See the interview video on the Joint Statement (YouTube)

As one of the societies that have co-signed the Joint Statement, hereby Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies also releases it.
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2020(令和2)年 11 月 6 日



  1. 日本学術会議が推薦した会員候補者が任命されない理由を説明すること。
  2. 日本学術会議が推薦した会員候補者のうち、任命されていない方を任命すること。


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科学技術社会論学会理事会は、表記の件について日本学術会議が菅内閣総理大臣宛に提出した「第25期新規会員任命に関する要望書」 (2020年10月2日)に賛意を表明し、①推薦された会員候補者が任命されない理由の開示と②任命されなかった会員候補者の速やかな任命を求めます。


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